Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Groundhog's Day Cupcakes Posted by Hello

Josh was sick all last week with a bad cold and cough so spent the week on the couch resting. Our school consisted mostly of reading and watching the History Channel, Animal Planet and the Discovery Channel. We did manage to make these really cute (and delicious) cupcakes for Groundhog's Day and watched a program on the holiday on the Travel Channel that night.

getting back to normal ...

This week we are getting back to some of our new studies thank goodness. We have been reading about the time period of The Enlightenment for American and World History. We are tying our science studies in with this by reading about Isaac Newton and studying his Laws of Motion. I cut out a large E from posterboard and Josh is filling it in with pictures and quotes etc anything having to do with the Enlightenment. He is doing this in place of his usual written documentation pages and seems to be enjoying it.

In Math we are working on LCD and adding and subtracting fractions with unlike denominators. He is doing really well this.

Language Arts we are using Julie's fantastic Brave Writer Lifestyle egroup, blog etc. She has been a godsend to us. I have always worried about his writing and such and she has freed me from that. What a talented, knowledgable and generous lady she is in sharing this with others! We enjoy using her Arrow program too but I haven't been able to order the book for this month and our library doesn't carry it so we will be choosing something different for this month and come back to that book at another time.

I am wanting to tie in our study of the Elightenment with our music so we will be listening to Beethoven and others in the Baroque music period which coincides with this time period in history. We will be having Fine Arts Friday where we will be listening to our music selections, reading from our Shakespeare play (which I still have to choose as the one scheduled on AO we
decided to hold off on) and reading from our fiction book The Shakespeare Stealer by Gary Blackwood. On Fridays we will continue with Julie's Friday Freewrites which Josh is absolutely loving!

As per Julie's suggestion we will be having Tuesday Tea Time each week also. During this time we will be reading our poetry and studying and discussing prints of our chosen artist who at this time is Giotto de Bondone.

We continue to read LOTS of picture books. I try to find ones that have something to do with what we are studying or have studied in the past. Last week we read The Greatest Skating Race - A WWII Story from the Netherlands. Since it had to do with WWII and ice skating it was a big hit with Josh. I am constantly amazed at the depth of beautiful books such as these.

Today we are celebrating Fat Tuesday (Mardi Gras). Here in Las Vegas they do not sell these cakes in bakeries like they do in Cinti. I MISS Graeter's!!! Sooooo... I found a recipe and we are making our own. King's cakes have been a tradition for our Fat Tuesday celebrations for years now.We will dig into the cake and see who gets the baby and is king(or queen) after his hockey practice tonight.